National Shoe Fitting Week

The HFG wishes a successful week to the Society of Shoe Fitters for its National Shoe Fitting week Commencing March 19th 2016.

National Shoe Fitting Week starting 19th March, is a great opportunity for shoe retailers and health professionals to get together.  Primarily to support 'qualified' shoe fitters i.e. members of The Society of Shoe Fitters, it is also open to all health professionals, independent retailers and quality multiples.  For a list of qualified fitters go to, but if you have a good shoe shop locally who do not have an SSF member instore, why not ask them to qualify so that we can promote them too?  We need more shops who are prepared to measure and fit 'adult' customers, as the demand from those in their senior years looking for help has increased dramatically.   Please download artwork from the SSF website - or apply for posters.

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