DB Shoes

DB Shoes specialises in extra wide (EE fitting) through to extremely wide, extremely deep (8E fitting) footwear for ladies and men. No other company offers such a wide range of shoes in these fittings ensuring “the perfect fit for wider feet™”. DB Shoes offers a complete range of shoes, sandals, canvas and house shoes under its “easy b” brand for the wider foot. Styles have removable socks and deep toe boxes to accommodate orthotics. DB easy b shoes are recommended by foot health professionals across the country.

Aims of the Guide

  1. Help people to recognise the key features of footwear that will most likely offer a healthy and comfortable fit
  2. Encourage companies to manufacture shoes with these key features
  3. Encourage companies to join the Healthy Footwear Guide and actively promote footwear with these key features
  4. Help people find shoe stores that can advise on the correct fit of this footwear
  5. Offer advice to people who cannot get to a shoe store on the key fitting properties to look for when trying Healthy Footwear Guide recommended footwear