Steel Blue

Steel Blue work boots aren’t just tough; they’re amongst the most comfortable industrial footwear available. In fact, by utilising the latest technologies, Steel blue produce work boots similar in quality and flexibility to high-performance sports shoes. Designed for comfort and built for work, all Steel Blue boots offer the legendary 100% Comfort guarantee. Quite simply, if you don’t agree they’re comfortable, you get your money back. So there’s nothing to lose by trying Steel Blue.

Aims of the Guide

  1. Help people to recognise the key features of footwear that will most likely offer a healthy and comfortable fit
  2. Encourage companies to manufacture shoes with these key features
  3. Encourage companies to join the Healthy Footwear Guide and actively promote footwear with these key features
  4. Help people find shoe stores that can advise on the correct fit of this footwear
  5. Offer advice to people who cannot get to a shoe store on the key fitting properties to look for when trying Healthy Footwear Guide recommended footwear