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  • National Shoe Fitting Week

    The HFG wishes a successful week to the Society of Shoe Fitters for its National Shoe Fitting week Commencing March 19th 2016.

    National Shoe Fitting Week starting 19th March, is a great opportunity …  read more

  • Wearing healthy footwear can help prevent falls

    According to research carried out by Age UK, every year in the UK around one-third of people aged over 65 will fall. Falls account for more than 4 million hospital bed days a year in England alone. …  read more

  • HFG goes to the SCP conference in Harrogate

    The HFG attend the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists annual conference in Harrogate. Many of the HFG leaflets were handed out to podiatrists to promote the work the HFG .  read more

  • HFG goes to the Houses of Parliament

    On Wednesday October 28th 2015 Dr Mike Curran (Associate Professor of podiatry at The University of Northampton) and Charles Denton (Managing Director of DB Shoes Ltd, Rushden) attended an event at …  read more